Muay Thai
Muay Thai

Muay Thai

At M48 Fitness, Wanchai

On Mon to Fri @ all day 11.30 am to 8.30pm | Sat, Sun @ last class is 5pm

For 4 pax.
60 min.

This one hour Thai boxing class is taught by two experienced Thai boxing coaches. During this intense session, you will learn the skills of Thai Boxing as well as going through Muay Thai training process that will increase your rhythm, speed, strength and cardio-pulmonary functions. After this intense session you will burn around 600 to 800 calories
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About the venue and facilities

These sessions will be held at the M48 Wellness Lab in Wan Chai.


2/F, 88 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai


1. Shower room, changing room, and water dispenser are available for use
2. Sports users need to bring their own towels

About the Studio

M48 Fitness is a unique fitness+gym center that offers a wide range of individual and group training classes.
You are invited to challenge yourself or release your stress by participating to the different classes: intense fat burning sessions, relaxing exercises, sweating training... M48 Fitness will re-energize your body, relax your mind and add an extra dimension of wellness to your life!

Terms and Conditions

1. No refund/No Exchange/No Extension/No Transfers in any group classes purchased
2. Each individual has their packages and cannot be shared
3. Late arrivals will be allowed in class
4. For waiting list arrangement - If someone cancels up to 3 hours before you can join but no obligation.
5. Free reschedule in 30 days for - Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No. 8 or above, Red or Black Rainstorm Warnings
6. Minimum 3 days advance booking